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Exeter Shotokan Karate Club

Teaching karate in Exeter since 1966

Kihon: the basic techniques of karate The feet are used to great effect in karate Tradition is maintained Kata: the moving dictionary of karate techniques


Founded in 1966 and still one of the longest-running karate clubs in the UK, Exeter has a proud history in the martial art of karate.

If you are interested in training in karate, we hope that this web site will give you the information you need to join us and get started.

Please feel free to turn up 15 minutes before the start of class if you want to join in or contact sensei Nick Strong on 01392 669 463 with any questions.


Happy new year to all of Exeter's karateka. If you're not yet training in karate and want a new year's resolution, why not come along and give it a try?
If you would be interested in a monthly competition training class on a Monday evening, please speak to sensei John as he currently gauging interest in the idea.
The 26th of May is a bank holiday and, as usual, training will not take place that evening. However, a class will be held on Tueday (27th) evening at 7 o'clock as a replacement. This will be for all grades.
A big thank you from Exeter Karate Club to John Bruce and Holly Stirling for their excellent teaching at this weekend's seminars.
Exeter Karate Club branded zip-up tops are now available. Made of lightweight material in red and white, with the club logo on the front and a Devon flag on the back, all the best-dressed karateka will be wearing them. See sensei John for details.
Happy new year to all of Exeter's karateka. Now... get training!
Excellent training sessions today with Senseis John Bruce and Holly Sterling. Don't forget, you can still train with them tomorrow morning at 10:30am at the Exeter dojo.
The 26th October 2013 sees the charity South-West karate championships hosted by Cranford Sports Club in Exmouth. For full details see Torbay Karate Club's news article here.
On Saturday 2nd November and Sunday 3rd November, two of Britain's most successful competitors in karate will be teaching here in the South-West. Holly Sterling (4th Dan) and John Bruce (4th Dan) have won a huge variety of national and international medals and will be teaching at Torbay Karate Club from 10am-11:30 (all grades) and 12pm-1pm (brown and black belts) on 2nd November. They will then be teaching at Exeter Karate Club from 3pm-4:45 (all grades) and 5pm-6pm (brown and black belts). The next day (3rd November) they will be teaching all grades at Exeter from 10:30am to 12:00pm, before going to Barnstaple karate club from 2:0pm to 4:00pm. Ask senseis John or Nick for more details.
This weekend sees Britain host the WSKA World Karate Championships in Liverpool. Good luck to all taking part. Radio interview with sensei Frank Brennan here