Black Belt Grading – Exeter 26.06.2021

Following the Dan Grading in Exeter today with Sensei Brennan and Sensei Harford, congratulations go to the following KUGB members who successfully passed :
Victor Topor – Tsutahashi SKC
Alex Roper – Lympstone
Emilio Assante – Cullompton
Ned Hill-Broomfield – Tiverton SKC
Tommy Pullybank – Cullompton
Freddie Martin – Exmouth Karate Academy
Matty Ahmed – Exeter
Sandor Scsavinkszki – Taunton Karate Academy
Leanda Gage – Lympstone
Jason Hobday – Tiverton SKC
Philip Whateley – Cullompton
Charlotte Lopez – Exeter University
Michael Giczewski – North Staffs
Spencer Hayes – Cullompton
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