Exeter Grading Sept 2021: Sensei F Brennan 8th Dan

KUGB Grading Exeter Dojo:  Sensei F Brennan 8th Dan

Our first normal training session and grading for nearly 18 months did not disappoint. We had a fantastic turnout from all of the local clubs within our region.

Sensei Brennan put everyone through their paces with a very detailed lesson, challenging everyone to take their Karate to a higher level!

We started with our new junior class, who all performed very well, especially as this was their first time in front of a senior grading examiner! Most of them, this time around were not ready for grading but I’m sure will take many positives forward for our next grading in December.

The adult class consisted of many kyu grades and 24 black belts which gave everyone that special atmosphere you get when training in the company of so many senior grades. The attitude from everyone was excellent throughout the session.

Clubs in attendance: Exeter, Exmouth, Lympstone, Willand, Tiverton, Brixham, Tsutahashi, Cullompton.

Special mention to Sensei Chris Luecke (see photo) from the Liverpool Red Triangle club who also joined us for the training session.

Any KUGB members are always welcome on these training / grading nights.

Grading Results: Exeter

Asri Pasha                           8th Kyu

Connor Adams                  8th Kyu

Roger Milton                      5th Kyu

Noah Hitchmough            4th Kyu

Harry Hitchmough           4th Kyu

Jack Griffiths                     4th Kyu


Exeter Karate Club Open Day: 11th Sept 2021 – 11am to 4pm

Exeter Karate Club Open Day:
Venue: Exeter Karate Club, Church Road, St Thomas, Exeter EX2 9AU
Date: 11th Sept 2021
Time: 11am to 4pm.
We would like to welcome anyone that is interested in finding out more about what we can offer as your local Karate club. Any previous members would also be very welcome. Beginner classes for children and adults take place on a regular basis, so do not hesitate to come along for a chat if you are interested.
All the best.
Exeter Karate Club
Teaching and Training in Exeter since 1966

Grading Dates 2021

Grading Dates 2021

Grading Examiner – Sensei F Brennan 8th Dan

Monday   20th September

 Monday   13th December

  • Junior class (and family members) followed by grading

Training @ 6pm

  • Adult class followed by grading

Training will follow the junior class @ 7.15pm (approx)

Cost: £10 Training / £10 Grading

 All KUGB members are welcome

Black Belt Grading – Exeter 26.06.2021

Following the Dan Grading in Exeter today with Sensei Brennan and Sensei Harford, congratulations go to the following KUGB members who successfully passed :
Victor Topor – Tsutahashi SKC
Alex Roper – Lympstone
Emilio Assante – Cullompton
Ned Hill-Broomfield – Tiverton SKC
Tommy Pullybank – Cullompton
Freddie Martin – Exmouth Karate Academy
Matty Ahmed – Exeter
Sandor Scsavinkszki – Taunton Karate Academy
Leanda Gage – Lympstone
Jason Hobday – Tiverton SKC
Philip Whateley – Cullompton
Charlotte Lopez – Exeter University
Michael Giczewski – North Staffs
Spencer Hayes – Cullompton